Artificial intelligence means survival in business today. The AI, like other innovative phases before that, will hit harder faster than you think. Remember the story of Nokia, no one wants its business to be at the top and suddenly be hit by complacency. Chatbots, a subset of AI, accelerates sales and reduces costs for businesses that are rushing, but those who want to join must do so ASAP. Time ticks, read this to learn the 5 reasons why you should start now. and how you can get started today.

1.Use a fresh digital channel

Chatbots make it easy to make purchases because the answers are instantaneous and are 24/7. people do not have to wait to talk with annoying customer service representatives anymore. 33% of younger customers are willing to wait only 1 to 3 minutes to get answers to queries. Tommy Hilfiger is an example of a company that used bots to create a completely new channel to create sales. The Facebook Messenger bot has helped people buy fashion right from the corridor during the fashion week in New York. But here’s the good part: There was an 87% return rate for people coming back to use the Messenger experience and over 60,000 messages were exchanged. This newly created channel has generated 3.5 times more sales per person than any other digital channel. The first chatbots build sales that would not have happened without them through their own new channels.

2.Insanely High Open Rates

Messaging applications are personal and, compared to other platforms, there is less noise. Noise is bad because it moves attention away from what you are trying to sell. For example, it’s not uncommon for people to have inboxes with up to 3,000 emails (crazy) and do not start me on Twitter and Facebook is being fired today. There is just less space for your message today on traditional platforms (thanks to the memes and a proposal per LinkedIn status update). With cold e-mail, in particular, open prices have suffered as anyone with half a brain can send one today. In 1997, open prices were at 90%, and today it is about 20%. Compare this to your 98% mobile messaging and you are wondering why you have not yet started a chatbot. The inevitable overdeclaration of noise on new platforms is the reason why businesses now have to start chatbots to take advantage of this golden age.

3.Go to Where Customers Are

Speaking of channels, people do not spend as much time on social media as they used to. In fact, people spend more time on messaging applications, such as Messenger and Viber, than they do in social networking applications. There is one reason why Mark Zuckerberg bought WhatsApp for $ 19 billion: there are millions of customers today. As companies soon began a Facebook page and win big or YouTubers who came early and also won big (and applications continue), companies should now start with chatbots before customers move elsewhere and competition increases.

4.Data is the key

AI will, over time, be able to predict which products fit better from your order history and the one you browse most often. Based on the individual user shopping habits, the bot is able to predict what the user will buy, so the basket will already be pre-paid with products the bot will choose. In the coming years, AI will know what you want before you even know you want it. And the more information a company has, the better its artificial intelligence. Amazon already has more retailers at their feet, so businesses have to act earlier and not later.

5.Built for the Future

Future demographics are good for chatbots, every new generation tends to spend more and more time on their phones. In fact, by 2020, Gartner predicts that we will have more conversations with bots than with our husband! But instead of whining about it and how younger generations do not know how to have a “real” conversation in “real” life (what that means), businesses have to jump to the opportunity to reach out to customers at a time when they do not it was never easier to do so. 70% of consumers prefer phone messaging if they choose. Interpersonal Artificial Intelligence allows businesses to reach these customers on the Internet without fearing that this channel will be displaced in time.

At JustBot Co, we’re helping businesses get on board the AI train as fast as possible, thanks to the 5 reasons above.

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