How a Messenger Chatbot on your Website Can Change Everything.

News   •   Nov 20, 2017

Have you seen online websites, starting to use chatbots instead of human customer service representatives? I am sure you must have seen the small chat icon at the bottom corners of all business websites. Why do you think they are using chatbots? They have a very good reason for this.

We know that nothing can beat the human touch. However, a chatbot can do the most important task, something all the human representatives have been doing repeatedly for a very long time. And that is, chatbots can learn what your visitors are looking for and capture their contact information. Unlike, their human counterpart, chatbots can run 24×7 and talk to all the visitors.

Get Back in the Game

If you have been running your business online using WordPress or other platform, and have tried interacting with your customers, then you should be aware of the fact that you cannot teach your customers to be patient. If you put their call on hold, or do not attend them in a timely manner, they will get upset. If you take too long to answer their queries, they will get frustrated. In the end, you will lose your chances of retaining the customer.

Let’s discuss how people are using chatbots. More than 50% of online shoppers in the UK are considering using a chatbot. They have no qualms about relying on chatbot powered applications to understand a brand better, especially if they get a direct reply to their questions. Close to 40% of them have said that they will gladly use the chatbot, if it was readily available on a website to shop their items. From their perspective, there is not much difference between talking to a chatbot or a real person, as long as they get what they want and receive a delightful experience.

Why you need a Chatbot

I am going to tell you three reasons why your website needs a chatbot:

  1. They interact to the customers via a medium they love and that is messaging. Interacting with customers via conversational medium leaves a strong connection between your website and your customers.
  2. They are automated and trained to learn about the customer. In just a matter of minutes, your customer will able to go through the frequently asked questions on your business via your chatbot.
  3. Hiring and training an employee to talk to customers is expensive and time consuming. Setting up chatbots takes a few days effort and gives you results fast.

Humans are still part of the Equation

I am not saying you should stop hiring people for your business. Chatbots allow you to filter responses and gives you data about the customer. You can use this information to target each customer differently. There is nobody better qualified to make the sales call than humans. Chatbots can empower them with information and save them from repetitive and redundant work. Combine both their talents, and you will find yourself advancing in your business much faster.

Whether you are an Online Start-Up company or a seasoned E-commerce entrepreneur, chatbots can really save you time and money. They run 24×7. They ask simple questions. You have complete control over the conversational flow and customer journey. Chatbots are, no doubt, among the latest communication tools that you should take advantage of for your E-commerce business. Fusing their efficiency with your customer support’s interpersonal skills is surely going to make your customers happy, which is tantamount to higher sales.

What Now

If you are you considering a chatbot support system for your website, then all you need to do is the steps bellow

  1. Create a Facebook Page for your business (if you haven’t)
  2. Create a chatbot on Chatfuel
  3. When your chatbot is ready to go attached it to your website (use customer chat plug-in)

Do not delay, just do it today!

if you need a chatbot solution for your business contact us, we can help you to build the right chatbot for your needs.