As a gym owner, are you solving the same challenge as other gyms?

That’s attracting more people to your gym and selling more memberships, training programs, and products?

Below you’re about to find out how to attract more people to your gym and sell more stuff with a chatbot.

Let’s go.

1. Attract more people to your gym by doing giveaways.

Imagine how it would look like if you would do a couple of giveaways.

You can give away a membership for a certain period of time (e.g. for a month), give away some productstraining sessions, whatever you sell.

The ROI of giveaways is insanely positive. You can’t lose. WHY?

You’ll get TONS of traffic. Tons of eyes at your gym.

If somebody wins something from you, they’re gonna tell their friends so there will be more eyes on your gym than ever.

If you give away a membership for a month, do you think people will come workout just by themselves? No — they will bring some friends.

Do you think they’re gonna stop after this month? Not likely if they’ll see some results. Results are addictive.

If you give away something, you’ll get back much much more that’s the rule.

2. Sell more memberships/training programs, because you’ll broadcast training sessions to people.

People use messenger every day.

They’re on the phone all the time.

Make it easy for them to train.

If you send them their workouts to their phone, they’re gonna LOVE you for that.

If they have to train every second day, you’re gonna send them a reminder + their workout (what they should do).

It’s gonna be so damn easy for them.

And the easier you make things for people, the more people you’re gonna get on your side.

3. Make more money by using a chatbot to sell your stuff.

  • Weight-loss programs
  • Training programs
  • Memberships
  • Fit products

Do you sell any of those things?

If you do, your new chatbot will sell them for you on Facebook 24/7.

Your new chatbot can even show people how you helped other people — before and after transformations.

By showing this, you’re gonna sell more because people won’t be afraid to buy from you.

4. Attract more people to your Facebook page and to your gym with this very cool feature — let people find out how many calories they ate today.

Imagine this — it’s evening and you wanna find out how many calories did you eat today.

You’ll go to the messenger, you’ll chat with a chatbot. You’ll tell him how much protein, carbs, and fats did you eat today and the chatbot will tell you how many calories did you eat.

It works like this:

Can you imagine how you can WOW people if they could do that in the messenger?

You better take advantage of this before your competition does.

5. Make your job easier. Let your new chatbot answer most common question.

Are you getting a lot of questions about pricing, location, training programs, products…?

Imagine if you won’t need to answer them anymore.

Your chatbot can easily answer every common question 24/7, anytime.

How much time will this save you? I bet a lot.

Use it to your advantage as soon as possible.

6. Get more people to your gym by giving them your location in their messenger so they can find your gym immediately.

People don’t wanna go to the Google maps/Apple maps, type your gym name and find your location.

To get more people to your gym, you need to make it easy for them.


This is your chance to get ahead, attract more people to your gym and sell more.

Do you want to take advantage of this awesome opportunity?

if you need a chatbot solution for your gym contact us, we can help you to build the right chatbot for your needs.