I think that a lot of people don’t know this, but Instagram is a Gold Mine . Instagram is one of the best if not the best platform to get FREE LEADS and TRAFFIC SOURCE that you could leverage. In this case, it would be growing your Messenger Bot List

For the past 9 months I’ve been growing niche accounts that I specifically made to bring in leads to my funnel! I had also consulted with a few business owners that wanted to make Instagram as a free way for them to get sales and leads . Your Instagram Account is basically an Asset

I may or may not have been kind of secretive about this  But I think I should stop being so secretive as it would be best if I could give you guys as much knowledge about Instagram as I could. Not for you to only have the ability to grow specifically Niche Accounts but to also grow your own personal brand as well so that you could have influence and make an impact with the large active users that is on Instagram right now.

Are you ready for this?  I am not only going to give you a summary on how you could be growing your account as other Instagram Gurus normally would do this. This is basically me telling you all you need to know in full detail of the IN’s and OUT’s of Instagram.

So here is the exact steps that I am using

  1. Pick your profitable Niche.
    So before even creating an Instagram Account. You have to ask yourself, what niche am I going to be venturing into? Keep in mind that there is always money to made in every single niche. But I would recommend you to pick a niche that you are passionate for. It would be much more easier and stress free if you are actually enjoying on the content that you are posting and the pictures and videos that you would see on your explore page.

[BONUS TIP] You could also go for a sub-niche if you’d like. Because there is a whole lot of competition in these big niches such as maybe Travel. So if you would pick a sub niche for Travelling. It can be Landscapes, Sunsets, Beaches. So you would get more targeted followers as well as being one of the very first Instagram Account that would dominate that niche.

  1. Instagram Account SEO.
    So this is important as well as you want to let people find your account in the most simplest way possible. So how you can do this is first by picking an Instagram Username that would fit in right with your niche. If I was a travel account. I would perhaps name my account @travelambassadors or @traveltempted. It has to be short, easy to remember and fits in well with the niche you are in. Next, is the Instagram name. This is located above your Instagram Bio. Normally people would just put their Instagram Name same with their Instagram Username. But if you would like to get your account easily found. Its best to put what you are all about. If I was a travel account. I would put Sunsets CovesBeaches  This is to late them know that this is what I am going to be posting content on and it lets our account be easier to find when it is searched as majority of users would be searching this in the search bar.
  2. Viral Content and Consistency.
    So how do you find viral content? Well its simple. You could go to other accounts in your niche as see perhaps their posts. Look around and see their average likes on every post. Perhaps on average they are getting 5k likes but suddenly you see a post getting 10k likes. It has much more higher engagement then any other post. So a viral post is basically a post that gets higher engagement, perhaps twice than the average engagement they get on every post. Now, you could either, repost that image to your account and give credits to the original owner of that post or you could recreate a similar picture like so if you are doing your own content creation. Its proven that it will go viral, no doubt. You should also be posting maybe 4 to 6 times a day if possible. You want to let Instagram know that you are active and are posting consistently. More posts posted = More reach and impressions you get on your account.

[BONUS TIP] You should be writing high converting captions on your post. Perhaps a call to action. A story. Providing value. It does not need to be like a long article but perhaps a direct point and a call to action in place. A call to action would be like ‘Tag a friend’ or ‘Comment down below your thoughts on this’ Or ‘Rate this from 1 to 10’ or ‘Like this if you agree”. Its something that encourages them to do. And this is good as more engagement you have within an hour of posting, the more eyeballs you will be getting on your posts. It would be a snowball effect.

It would work the same with videos. I don’t know for sure about this and don’t quote me on this, but videos are performing much more well than posts lately. It’s easier to go viral with posting more viral videos rather than viral posts.

  1. The Power of Them Hashtags
    So hashtags are important as it brings more exposure onto your account and it lets Instagram knows what niche you are in. If you’re an account just starting out, I would recommend using targeted hashtags that has 0-100k posts under those hashtags. It would be much easier to rank in the 9 posts of each of those hashtags rather than the hashtags that has 1-10 million posts under them. This is to also avoid bots that are commenting and like on every post in that hashtag. Its to prevent fake engagement too. Concerning about the latest Instagram Algorithm. I recommend at least going for 5-10 hashtags in the caption of your post. You could perhaps could do 30 hashtags and post it in the comments like most Instagram Experts say but I had bad experienced with doing so.

[BONUS TIP] The hashtag stair effect 
So here is what you can do to get more exposure as well. What if you have no problem with ranking in 100k posts hashtags anymore. You could then add more hashtags into your list of hashtags of your captions. Perhaps 3 hashtags are a 100k posts result, 3 hashtags are between 200-300k posts results and the other 4 are 300-500k posts results. This is to ensure that you are ranking on the 9 posts of the first few hashtags would also get you enough exposure to the other hashtags that you are trying to rank top 9 in. This makes sense, right? 

Also, don’t always use the same hashtags over and over again in every post as Instagram will mark your post as spam and prevent your post from appearing in the explore page. I tested this theory out myself and its true. It could also might get your account shadow banned. This I am not sure about but its better to be safe and play by the guidelines.

  1. Instagram Growth Hacking
    So I think we all must have heard this before or perhaps know this all too well. It means getting as much followers in a day. Getting as much as 500-2k followers every single day. So this is what you have to know about the Growth Hacking Method on Instagram.

This is the concept of it. So lets say an account in your niche has 100k followers. And what the account did is like your posts. When the 100k account likes your post. Their followers, all of the 100k, would be able to see your post on their explore feed. Perhaps out of those 100k followers, maybe only 100 accounts saw your post and 50 of those accounts liked your post. Not much right? But what if, 20 100k accounts were to like and comment on your post. Now there will be at least, 800-1000 people liking your content. So that is the concept of the Growth Hack Method. A bunch of high quality accounts, liking and commenting on your pictures.

Some of you might ask, how can I get those large follower-based account to like and my content so that I get exposure.

There are 3 ways of doing it actually.

1.️So number one, you could make engagement groups on Instagram. Aka DM groups which are groups of 2-15 People on Instagram. The purpose is to exchange likes and comments each time you post

To get into engagement groups, simply make one yourself and ask accounts on Instagram in your niche if they want to join your Dm group!

You should know how to write converting and high-quality requests for them to be persuaded into a DM group if your making one for only a 100k account.

️2.Moving on to number two, you could pay to get into a DM group that has 100k accounts. Simply by telling them that you want to pay them to get you access to these DM groups. Offer them a dollar or two, you don’t have to offer that much to them.

There also some underground network that is a paid engagement group on Telegram. Im not sure if this has for all niches. But the niches that I know has this kind of service are motivational and travel. These paid engagement groups costs anywhere from 14.99$ – 24.99$.

️3.This is the most effective way to insanely grow fast and get 1k-2k followers a day and they are Powerlikes. So what Powerlikes are is accounts that has a follower based of 100k to 250k followers that would like on your post. And there will be up to 1000 accounts that has a follower based up to 200k that will like on your account. Isn’t that crazy?  Imagine how many impressions and reach you would get from your post. And how many of them would convert into followers. But the Powerlike service is expensive though. Some costs anywhere from 300$-500$ and its based on the follower amount of the accounts that are going to like on your picture. There are some that would cost up to 1000$. Yea..Its not that cheap.

But you don’t have to buy Powerlikes though if you want to grow your account. I ran a case study with my own account and I grew a motivational account to 20,051 followers in just 30 days. Basically in just one month. All I used was the paid engagement group that costs about 25$ per month but I made back the money which I had invested in and I made even more. So you could say that I grew my account to 20K+ followers completely for FREE

One guy even offered to buy my account for 350$ when I only had 18,627 followers.  That was what I meant an Instagram Account is now as Asset. It puts money in.

So, I guess that is about it . I am going to make a Part 2 on this if there is enough demand though. I’m going to be talking about the Goodness Score, How to Target Your Audience in your niche and what country they are based at, how to effectively run campaigns and giveaways for monetization purposes as well as audience retention and Branding.

Stay tuned part 2 is coming