So, let us continue. Shall we? 

[Part 1 is here in case you missed]

1.The Instagram Goodness Score.

Okay so many people are not aware that each account has its own goodness score. 

The goodness score is a rating given by Instagram to each account from a scale of 1-100.

The higher the goodness score the more potential the account has in terms of growth.

The only way to see if your score is good or not is to check whether you see similar content within your niche on the explore page.

So for example if you have a travel page and all you see on the explore page is food and comedy photos that means your goodness score is low.

The lower the goodness score the harder it is to grow as the algorithm of Instagram will not favor your Instagram account compared to your competitors who might have a good score and this will limit your reach and impressions and chances of going viral.

Therefore, make sure that the content in your explore page is lies within your niche.

You ONLY view, like, comment, save and screenshot content that are related to your niche. If you want to view everything else, head over to your private account.

[BONUS TIP] Using hashtags in your niche would also increase your Goodness Score and let Instagram know what specific niche are you in and what content that you would like to see. Following Hashtags in your Niche would also increase your Goodness Score.

2.Targeting Your Audience Based on Their Locations.

There are two ways that I know on how you can target them effectively.

The first method would be using a Geo-location on your post. You could add a Geo-Location on your posts to target specific audience at a certain location such as the US, London, etc..

You could also be doing your Market Research to see which type of content that you are posting in your niche would attract audience from that location.

The second best way is by having Influencers or Big Accounts that has a majority of their audience from the location that you desire to comment and like on your posts. And like I said, when these accounts like and comments on your picture. Their followers would be able to see your content on their Explore Feed. 

And what’s best is that the audience that are going to follow your account are mostly from the location that you specifically want.

3.Running Campaigns/Giveaways.

(So here is a case study on why Instagram is the best place to be running campaigns/giveaways)

Sunny Co clothing is a company that sells skirts, bathing suits, etc. (is ran by 2 college students from U. Arizona btw)
They had less than 10k followers on Instagram.

They decided to run a giveaway (Free + Shipping offer) This free + shipping was a bit high. People had to pay $12.95 (usually free+shipping is under 2 figures).

Instructions were to repost the image and tag them. After that each person was going to receive a DM with a code that they would use to get the Free+shipping in their website

This blew up to disproportionate size. They grew over 700k followers overnight and in less than 24hrs sold everything they had in store.

Each bathing suit was around $70 to $100 or more. (that alone made them easily 6 figures, depending on the inventory they have of course).

Got a ton of bad publicity from buzz feed and other sources saying they were going to go out of business because they had to giveaway so many bathing suits.

A couple of manufactures on Alibaba had sold the exact bathing suit for a max of $4 and all the way down to $2. Take into account maybe total shipping would be $8.

That still leave them with a profit of $0.95 – $2.95 per item.

The owners (they didn’t know any better) felt pressure and made an “apology for going too viral” which in the public eye is HORRIBLE and to some people, it gave the brand a bad rep.

The account right now got hacked (or reported) and now it is down 

But, In just the free+shipping they have over 50,000 orders (probably more close to 100k or 300k). 

I have also seen local businesses has done the same in my place and within 48 hours, they had over 10k followers that were interested in clothing, a majority from an age group that are from 15 to 29 years old and targeted locally. 

And of course that account was also reported and shut down as in their case, it was just a fraud to get a bunch of followers overnight 

4.Audience Retention and Branding.

It is important for us to have an engaged audience no matter how much follower count we have on our account. One of the most embarrassing thing to look at on Instagram is seeing a 50k Account getting an average of a 100 likes on every single post. that would hurt the account’s reputation.

So the first way that we could make sure our followers are loyal to us and make sure that they keep liking on each and every one of our posts is to always provide value. Provide value perhaps in your daily stories or perhaps some in the caption. You would always want to be making posts or stories that your audience could relate to and that enables them to grow an attachment with your account and as you as a person.

This is also related to Branding. Your Instagram Account may be a niched account and not a personal account but it is important for you to be the Face of The Brand. Start having personal connections with your followers. Do livestreams every single week , reply to their Dm’s, show them that you care about their life as well as tell them perhaps a bit about your life. This is not to only make them an engaged audience as you want them to but to also make them..

Know you, Like you, Trust you and Perhaps Buy from You.
Basically the KLTB Process. 

Your intention should not always be on sales and the end goal for monetization but to always develop those relationships with your audience.

So remember I told you that I have a motivational account that has over 20k followers? The CRAZY THING is that I made some sales on that account not by having to pitched a product on my stories or go live and talk about a brand new Instagram Growth Service or any of that. The one thing I did every single day was to just provide value to them, motivate them in a way that would take action and not be in that place that they no longer want to be in their life.

So that’s about it I guess 

Perhaps there would be a Part 3 to this, who knows.