The only stable thing in the e-commerce industry is change. The ever-expanding realm of e-commerce industry has paved way for various marketplaces and retailers nationally and internationally. Right from purchasing clothes to ordering food, e-commerce has become an important part of everyone’s life. Though this industry has widened the horizon for many retailers and most of them are vying with each other, day by day the competition is becoming tougher than ever. E-commerce store owners always seek for an expert that can make them stand ahead of the crowd.

If you want to make your e-commerce brand successful and set it apart from the rest, you need to offer better shopping experience and streamline a vast matrix of customer interactions. Thanks to Chatbots, you can do all these things easily.

Before continuing how chatbots help e-commerce businesses boost profit, let me tell you first what chatbot actually is.

A chatbot is a software that interacts with users, answers queries, manages particular requests etc. in a conversational format, in assistance with UI language like voice, text etc. and UI graphics like images, buttons, menus etc. In a nutshell, chatbots act as an indispensable tool, allowing businesses to interact with customers one-on-one in a personalized manner.

Chatbots for e-commerce companies are typically designed to:

  • Complete buyers’ purchases
  • Offer buyers product recommendations
  • Provide customer support
  • Stay Available for Customers 24/7/365
  • Manage Your Online Store Hassle-freely

Chatbots act just like salesmen of any brick and mortar shop. They store a buyer’s history, and whenever that particular buyer again visits the store, they suggest products with the caption “You may also like this”.

Conversational commerce isn’t just a cool-sounding concept — user research shows that buyers are more ready and willing than ever to shop online with bots. Here are a few reasons why your online business should be using a messaging app to host a bot and boost sales.

  • People Are Increasingly Using Messenger Apps
  • People Want to Shop with Messenger Apps
  • More Businesses Are Using Bots

In short, chatbots give a helping hand to business operations, saving a great amount of your time and effort in managing your online store.

The future of Chatbots in e-commerce business is certainly very bright.

Undoubtedly chatbots have brought a revolutionary change with the ways in which consumers indulge in shopping or avail services. From making your daily work convenient with automation to offering you with stacks of audience data to analyze, chatbots are becoming more and more of an indispensable tool for e-commerce world.

How Do I Build a Chatbot?

You may feel too intimidated to launch your first chatbot if you know little to nothing about programming — don’t worry! There are plenty of platforms out there for building chatbots that accommodate all skill levels.

To get started, here is a list of bot-building platforms. Some require basic coding, but many have basic drag-and-drop models for those without programming experience. We’ll list the required skills needed for each platform and the channels where the platform can publish your bot, such as Facebook or a Shopify store.

Facebook Messenger

  • Coding skills: Basic to advanced
  • Price: Free
  • Bot platform : Facebook Messenger

  • Coding skills: None
  • Price: Paid with free trial
  • Bot platform : Facebook Messenger


  • Coding skills: None – basic to advanced for more complex ChatBot
  • Price: Free to a paid, starts $15 monthly plan
  • Bot platform : Facebook Messenger


  • Coding skills: Intermediate to advanced
  • Price: Free
  • Bot platform : Kik 

  • Coding skills: None
  • Price: Free to paid plans
  • Bot platform : website, Facebook Messenger, Slack, email-based bots, SMS-based bots

Chatbots or automated personal assistant will bridge the gap of personalization that customers face in online shopping. Consumers now a days are knee-deep into chat culture and are already turning to chat platforms for their day to day needs. Chatbots are going to dramatically advance the shopping experience of most of the consumers. Reports shows that consumers today’s expect personalization from the sellers. They want the websites they visit should treat them like an old friend. E-Commerce Chatbots will provide a conversational assistant, who can acknowledge the shopper’s intent and personalize the recommendations that are provided to the shopper.

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